3 “must know” ways to take photos in low light.

Cameras and mobile phones with cameras don’t perform as well in low light, the photos can become blurred or hazy.

Firstly place your phone or camera on a solid base and then click the shutter – this will stop any blur effect from the camera moving when you take the photo.

Secondly, sometimes it is not possible to sit your phone or camera on a solid base – in that case hold it firmly against a solid upright structure like a wall or maybe a pole – works wonders.

Thirdly, hold your phone or camera between both hands and tuck your elbows in to the side of your body, breath gently and on the out breath squeeze the shutter – click . . . this works so well – the stiller you sit, the better.


Author: Where did Suzie go?

I'm into creative photography. My passion for photography has taken me to many inspiring places in Australia and overseas, this has gifted me with the chance to captured the essence of people and places along the way. My photographic style is very what I would call - “In the Moment” - in other words as it happens. I look into the ordinary to see and capture the extraordinary. That passing moment that needs to be noticed. That slice of life, "tranche de vie”. You’ve given yourself a chance, you see someone’s story, maybe a forest’s past or then again city’s spirit, all within a simple photo of that fleeting moment. These fleeting moments are much like the look in a persons eyes, the ebb and flow of the waves as they cascade like mist along cliffs, the way light might fall on a building. Miss the moment and you miss the diversity of life. I have been fortunate enough to capture some of these moments, and I would like to share them with you. Explore my works to witness what I have seen, and to experience those fleeting moments.

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