Shall we go to Bangalow?

It was time to revisit Bangalow.

Bangalow is about 2 hours drive south of Brisbane and is easy to get to, nice scenic drive once you get over the Queensland/New South Wales border (no passport required!) 🙂 .

We travelled in style, in our Suzuki Vitara, air-conditioning on, music streaming, (plug here:- good economy) stopped for a cup of coffee along the way – just nice 🙂 .

Bangalow is a smallish town with roots that go back to the 1840’s. In those days it was used by timber loggers as a camp.

Bangalow today is much more than a camp for loggers. Its main street is lined with modern cafes and boutique-shops.

And if you are into Organic Produce and Food, this is the place to come and try them.

Did I mention lots of fashion, art, jewellery and other interesting shops!

Visit this link to read about our previous experience in Bangalow:-

“Suzi meets Northern NSW, Australia”

Bangalow is such an interesting town, for me, its all about the visual feast of old buildings and seeing the locals and tourists doing their thing.

My wife, well she like all the arty/crafty shops, fashions, jewellery, unusual foods and much more – just to look around and spend a little cash – having a great time!

Her philosophy is that she needs to do her bit, to keep the Australian economy going 🙂 .

I really like to get my camera out, today the iPhone and Fujifilm xt-2 and try to see all the unusual angles.

Just to try and capture the moment – visually.

I’ll put in captions where I can or put in comments where possible.

Bangalow Uniting Church


Worth a visit, it’s in Station Street, runs off the main street.

Corner of the main st and Station Street.

The Uniting Church is right of this photo.

Locals, Tourists – all having a good time.
The Post Office – its up for sale – well so the sign seems to says! The post office is actually at the back of this building.




Bangalow Hotel on left.
Bangalow Hotel – has lots of character.
Suzi sits outside the Bangalow Hotel.
Meet Aurora – Bangalow Hotel Restaurant Manager.

We had a lovely lunch at the Bangalow Hotel.

Rose had a Beef Burger, salad and chips, I had a tiny bit of Rose’s burger.

Plus . . . .

I had a very yummy salad with goats cheese – highly recommend.

Aurora has lived in this area for about 25 years and has seen Bangalow grow from a small town to what it has become today.

Bustling metropolis it is not, beautiful country town it is 🙂 .

Aurora mentioned that originally the town had shops like the butcher, grocery store and other types of shops that the locals needed.

I found a link to some historic photos of Bangalow –

Have a look at the above link, somethings have changed and some not 🙂

Come and visit my e-shop – it helps me keep my wife who loves shopping and our 4 legged friends Mischief and Charley the cats ><  ><  🙂

Thanks for your support 🙂

Click the picture below to enter shop.



Even the Post Office Mail Boxes look quaint.


This is the entry to Hair Dresser on the way to the Post Office – very cool look!
The window of the Hairdresser above – still a very cool look.
Bangalow is colourful.



Secret Laneways in Banagalow.
Back street Bangalow.
Visual feast for photographers.
And for foodies . . .



Masonic Hall is now an antique shop – Uniting Church is across the road from here.

The best hack for daytime photography! Well . . . Just daylight. A must know.

iPhone – I sat the iPhone on the ground – infact on the white line – your eye may follow the white line into the photo – gives an interesting perspective – sun is about 45 minutes away from setting – nice mini shadows and textures on the path – sky looks dramatic – what do you think?

Firstly, welcome to my blog and read on . . .

This is really easy . . .

The first hour or so of day light in the morning and the last hour or so of day light in the evening make the best times to take photos.

This time is called “The Golden Hour”.

Photos taken in this period look just magical!!

again an iPhone – very difficult light – sun was setting behind me – used a park bench to sit the iPhone on to keep it steady – is the photo too full?


This applies to mobile phones with cameras in them, or right through to very expensive high end cameras.

The reason for this, is that the light casts nice soft shadows and the light is also softer, almost golden, in that hour.

Low level shot using an iPhone – nice soft light coming from the left – gives interesting shadows –
which do you like better – this black and white or the colour version above this photo?

When the light is above us, it becomes harsh and photos look flat, lack contrast and zing !

You will be surprised how good your photos turn out when you go snapping in the Golden Hours.

Another benefit if you go out early in the morning is that the sights look different in that light, sharper.

Remember to make sure your lens is clean on your mobile phone’s camera – follow this link to see how.

Also many thanks to my spell checker HB!! xo

Happy snapping and let us know how your photos went!!

thats Brisbane – photo taken about 2 hours before sunset – if I had of waited another hour – the buildings would have had a nice gold glow about them – that’s for next time.

The single most important thing to do when using a mobile phone’s camera!

From Norfolk Point looking towards Port of Brisbane.  Using an iPhone on panoramic setting.  Can you see me in the photo?

This will improve your photos from your mobile phone’s camera 100% – if you are not doing it already.

It’s so easy to do!! Most of us forget to do this very simple thng . . .

Before you take your beautiful photo simply clean the lens with a lint free microfibre cloth.  Gently wipe from one side to the other.

Norfolk Point, Manly, Queensland. Australia. iPhone


Manly boat harbour – iPhone

Don’t use any chemicals or cleaning fluids

Don’t use tissues or paper towels as these can make your lens dirtier.

Once you have cleaned your lens, snap away, you will be surprised what a difference cleaning the lens will make.

Happy snapping!  Let me know how you went.

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